Plum Creek Park

Plum Creek Shelter #2

Plum Creek Park is located on 25 acres of land off of Cherry Street. The land was purchased by the City of Kent from Kent Water and Light Company in 1923, and at various times was used as a drinking water reservoir, field for water wells, storage area, a landfill, a gravel pit, and a pistol range. In 1977, the Parks and Recreation Board began an intensive effort to reclaim the land and dredge the reservoir and the park officially opened in 1979.

Plum Creek Reservoir

The facilities at Plum Creek have continued to expand over the years to include a baseball diamond, open recreation area, an interpretive center, three picnic shelters, fitness game court, playground area, and a sand volleyball court. Informal picnic areas are located throughout the park and several small bridges lead to islands that are excellent places for fishing.

Tree City Play Park constructed with funds raised by the Kent Junior Mothers.

In July of 1993, the Kent Junior Mothers Group agreed to spearhead a major fundraising effort ($90,000) to install a major playground facility
for the community entitled “Tree City Play Park.”
This facility which was completed in 1996 offers equipment geared toward all ages with special consideration given to make the play systems accessible to the mentally
and physically challenged.