Fred Fuller Park

Fred Fuller Park

Kramer Field

Fred Fuller Park, off Middlebury Road, is Kent’s largest park encompassing over 56 acres of land given to the City of Kent in 1934 by Lamson & Sessions Company. The park, which borders and crosses the Cuyahoga River, was developed into a multi-use park over the years, primarily through the involvement of Kent citizens.

Kramer Field ball field complex is used in the spring, summer, and fall for youth baseball and softball, and adult slow and fast pitch softball. A total of four fields, two of which are lighted, are located at this “island” complex
along with a small playground area, restrooms, and concession stand.

Fred Fuller Pinic Area

Fred Fuller Park has been a favorite location for family reunions at one of the six picnic shelters which all have playgrounds of varying sizes nearby. The Roy H. Smith Shelterhouse provides an enclosed meeting place for organizations and residents of Kent as well as a venue for receptions, parties, and pre-school programs.

Trail Along Cuyahoga River

A nature trail travels along the edge of the river the entire length of the park and connects to the John Brown Tannery Park on Stow Street. The trail can be accessed from the end of the picnic shelter area, and at the Harvey Redmond Bridge (which crosses the river to Kramer Fields). Fred Fuller Park is also the location of the Main Office of Kent Parks & Recreation.